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Since approximately one and half year age, domitila has show signs of her illnes as well as changes of behavior, being unable to follow the normal course of development, losing firstly the capacity of speaking, followed by atypical movements, a stereotype of rubbing her hands, taking them to her mouth, being unable to control salivation. Her perents noticed indiference toward the enviroment and the also to affective stimuli.

She has been to several experts such as: na otorhinolaringologist for hearing test, preseting normal results; a psycologist for evaluating behavior and, finaly, a presenting because she started having convulsive crises with epileptic fits.

After several investingations with computerized tomography and magnetic resonnance of the brain and reseaches for innate errors of metabolism, we came to the conclusion from her clinical state and exams, including na electroencephalogram, that hers is an illness called Rett`s syndrome.

It`s a degenerative neurological illness, typical of the female sex; the child is born normally and after its six month of age, it beings to present a deacceleration of the skull growth and severe loss of speaking developing na autistic behavior, hiperventillation crises with periods of apnea, epilepsy of difficult control, hypotony, loss of welght - althouch eating well - ataxia, with some difficulty, at the beginning, until the total loss of walking, finally staying in bed, with orthopedical problems, compromissing her quality of life.

The treatment of Rett`s syndrome is symtomatic, being essentical motor and breating physioterapies in order to combat the dystrophic process and vicious portures.

Affective stimuli shoul not be neglected to avoid loss of contact with the family enviroment. In Domitila`s specific case, there is the need for special nursing care, use of a wheelchair and hospital bed (Fowler type).

-Mirian Bezerra de Souza
Neurología infantil
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